R-Evolution Festival

R-Evolution festival (public landscapes, inner landscapes) is a festival spread throughout the territories (of the partners).
It is a device for investigating the contemporary scene, an intergenerational project that offers the opportunity for under 35 artists to dialogue with masters of the scene and to meet diverse audiences.
R-Ev is a co-imagination workshop on the relationship between the theatre and the territory, seen as a field of tension and continuous transformation.
A path to the South, which sees artists from different countries (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Lebanon, Latin America, etc.) cooperating to create original works.
The aim is to foster the careers of young artists living in marginal geographical areas and/or in socially fragile territories, creating opportunities for professional and working growth, promoting activities of comparison and exchange of skills in international contexts, in order to develop new creative processes.

R-Evolution Project 2021 | info@revolutionproject.eu