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A long-distance collaboration between Italy and Chile finally takes shape through three summer residencies.

It went on from May 2020 to June 2021 the work that Nicolás Lange, playwright, and Camilla Brison, director, decided to take forward together remotely, due to the restrictions in force in relation to the pandemic, and that they can now finally develop in presence, through the three residencies at the Festival Giornate del Respiro in Fluminimaggiore (June, 23rd > 28th), at Teatro Cantiere Florida (July, 16th > 30th) and at the PARC_Performing Arts Research Centre (August, 1st > 10th) in Florence.

“Our collaboration between Italy and Chile, is is a further opening towards our ways of understanding the relationships on the basis of which we write and direct a project. How we perceive ourselves as subjects who love and stop loving on a coast. Our collaboration between directing and writing intertwines and bifurcates. In each project we try to do this, to recreate the times in which we live, a greenhouse in which the spectator enters and gets lost.”

From this dialogue originates Archipelagos, a co-production between Sardegna Teatro and Centro culturale mobilità delle arti, a project “speculates about islands. About how a body can be archipelagic: divided into parts, fragmented. And if an insular territory can be eroded, broken, flooded, can a body function in the same way (?)”. An observation that the two artists stage together with the performer Giulia Quadrelli, creating a story in which the words gradually collapse and the thread of the discourse is fragmented, like an archipelago. Each chapter, each song, each island, is a piece of the protagonist’s story. But what is the keyword, the password for reassembling something that is inevitably broken?

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