“Sky is different by the sea”, the project of the group ‘Los Canarios’ presented in Athens.

After their experience in Naples, the group of Yara Asmar (Lebanon), Miryam Chilà (Italy), Emiliano Dionisi (Argentina), Carlo Galiero (Italy) and Carlo Geltrude (Italy) landed in Athens. Hosted by the Theatro Technis Karolos Koun and with the support of their tutor Dario De Luca, they carried out the work on their project, being inspired by the air of revolution that the city conveys and focusing on the study of stage movement and sounds.

The work in progress they conceived and provisionally entitled Sky is different by the sea, written by Carlo Galiero and directed by Carlo Geltrude, develops the theme of revolution by transporting the spectator underwater, in a small fish bowl where the two goldfish Spartacus and Sharkie7, played respectively by Emiliano Dionisi and Miryam Chilà, meet and discuss, in a mixture of languages and circular movements, accompanied by original music played live by Yara Asmar.

The work will continue to take shape during the next months through long-distance meetings and in a new residency scheduled from July 11th to 16th, 2022 in Portugal, with the tutoring of Artemrede.

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