The first residency of the R-evolution project, with a stop at the Nuovo Teatro Sanità in Naples, has come to an end.

The creative process of the thirteen participants in the Neapolitan stage of the R-evolution project, held from May 10th to 20th at the Nuovo Teatro Sanità, began with a cue from the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “If you kill a cockroach you are a hero, if you kill a butterfly you are a villain. Morals has aesthetic standards”. From here on, the young artists worked on considerations and performances on the basis of different themes addressed day to day.

During the second day of the residency, they worked on the idea of a world in which human beings have lost the ability to imagine, becoming only puppets; they fantasized about a God who wants to get rid of humanity and offers it to other gods, forced to hold sales in order to sell the product; finally, they reflected on the word Kettling, also known as the technique of containment, a tactic used by the police to contain crowds of demonstrators during a protest.
In addition to telling stories and myths – the ones of two brothers and their relationship over the years, of a Tiresias catapulted into modern times, of the life of a woman so busy at work that she is unable to take care of herself – the third day also saw creative proposals such as that of the director Lyto Triantafyllidou, who imagined the celebration of her 117th birthday, seeking the active involvement of the public around the party table.

This work of research and creation continued the following day – ranging from the pictures of a woman attending the funeral of her partner, playing three different characters, of a modern Pinocchio obsessed with truth and lies and of a rite about the birth of the world, to that of an imaginary world in which to commit suicide you have to ask permission from the suicide office and submit accurate documentation – and ended with the formation of the working groups and the presentation of the artists’ performances, thus concluding the first phase of the creative process that will lead to the realisation of the shows to be staged at the R-Evolution widespread festival, scheduled between October and November 2021.

Here is a video report of the experience of the young participants:

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