The latest residency of R-Ev 23-24 brings “Dear Cicciolini” to the Centro de Artes e Criatividade in Torres Vedras.

The last residency of the 23-24 edition of R-Evolution Project saw Caterina Filograno (Italy) and Raimundo Cosme (Portugal) fly to Torres Vedras to finish work on Dear Cicciolini before presentation during the final meeting in Naples.
The study, which the two artists worked on from June 26th to July 4th and finally presented at the Centro de Artes e Criatividade, was divided into three acts, based on statements, songs, and images inspired by Ilona Staller’s character:

  • Lesson #1: “It is not enough to be talented to be an artist, you must also be Hungarian.”
    A choreography punctuated by some of Ilona Staller’s most significant statements, declaimed in Hungarian, Italian and Portuguese.

  • Lesson #2: “Be instinctive and provocative without ever being vulgar, you are a porn angel, remember?”
    One of Ilona’s favorite songs, Luigi Tenco’s Lisa dagli occhi blu, reinterpreted through the deflation sounds of a balloon, in a magical atmosphere created by soap bubbles floating across the stage.

  • Lesson #3: “You can’t escape your destiny.”
    Five toy dogs, covered by a blond wig, move around the stage and try unsuccessfully to get off it.

The residency has been made possible with the contribution of the Italian Cultural Institute of Lisbon.

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