In Torres Vedras the presentation of “Hala Amici”: war in the time of influencer marketing

Luca Castillo is an aspiring influencer seeking validation and success. He faced the journey to Torres Vedras alone, between much food, remote work, and a few days out with his friend Raimundo Cosme. Or so it seems, judging from social media.

Lending Luca’s face is actually Matteo Gatta (Italy), who, hosted by Artemrede and the municipality of Torres Vedras from February 26th to March 2nd, had the opportunity to delve into and present the project conceived together with Marianne Salamany (Lebanon) remotely connected with the support of tutor Mauro Lamanna.

Hala Amici was created with the intention of questioning the impact of social media on modern society, whose contradictions they amplify, also highlighting social inequalities on a daily and grotesque basis. During a trip to Lebanon, Luca Castillo, who is its protagonist, tries to exploit the ongoing war to gain visibility. So on stage, separating Luca’s aspirations from the atrocities of war, there is only a screen. On which, dramatically symbolizing the conflict, which the influencer and his agency initially underestimate, appears the shadow of a child. But over time the line between real and virtual, with its moral implications, will become increasingly thin until it disappears altogether.

An immersive experience that aims to reflect on the depths of human nature, morality, and the eternal search for connection and authenticity in the chaos of the modern world.

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