residency for under 35

artists and creatives

playwrights // directors // actors
choreographers // dancers // performers
set designers // videomakers
visual artists // producers

What’s R-Ev?

A series of residencies, meetings and discussions for young under 35 creatives from Europe, Asia and Latin America. An international experience to develop an original work, as a result of cooperation and exchange between different cultures and poetics.



under 35, selected through the open call for performing artists from Europe, Asia and Latin America, active in the field of visual and performing arts


cultural partners

Nuovo Teatro Sanità // Sardegna Teatro // Primavera dei Teatri Festival // Scena Nuda // Teatro della Città // Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun // Between the Seas // Polyeco Contemporary Art Iniziative // Hammana Artist House // Artemrede // Teatro General San Martin //  Fundación Teatro a Mil // Corporación Teatro Regional del Biobío // Paisaje Publico // INAE // Implosivo Artes Escenicas



Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Portugal, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay


original works

2 full versions and 6 work in progress


community players

of young artists


Final Festival

a public event, to be held over several territories. The first stage will be hosted between October and November 2021 in the locations of the partners situated between Southern Italy and Greece. The second stage will take place in 2022 in the venues of all partners


R-Evolution Project 2021 | info@revolutionproject.eu